Facebook and Google Advertising, SEO Sessions in the Spotlight

Just two months into 2013, and Facebook has introduced Graph Search and Google enhanced AdWords to improve multi-channel campaign management. These are just a couple of the developments we’ll be covering in-depth at Search Engine Land’s SMX West in San Jose, March 11-13.

You’ll hear firsthand about Facebook Graph Search and other paid advertising options in a Keynote Conversation with Grady Burnett, VP of Global Marketing Solutions. We’ll follow that up with Meet Facebook Graph Search, a deep dive into the opportunity for internet marketers.

Hear directly from Google about the significant change made to AdWords in their sponsored session Enhancing AdWords for a Constantly Connected World. We’ll continue the conversation with our own panel of experts at Google Enhanced Campaigns – What You Really Need to Know.

An SEO? We’ve Got You Covered Too

Developments in search engine optimization are happening just as fast. Get the latest on ethical SEO practices from Google’s Matt Cutt’s and Bing’s Duane Forrester. And for more insight, don’t miss Walk a Mile in Google’s Shoes, an enlightening discussion on decisions Google has to make and the balancing act it requires with Google search policy specialist Patrick Thomas.

And those are just 6 of the more than 50 sessions you’ll attend at SMX West. Check out the agenda.

SMX West starts in just two weeks! Register by March 10 and save with pre-conference rates. Three day All Access passes are an incredible value at $1595. Register online or call (877) 242-5242.

Other passes are also available, including free Expo+ passes for those who pre-register. Click here for descriptions.

PS: Interested in sending your team? You’ll save 10-20% when you register 3 or more people. Check out our attractive group rates!

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Google’s Matt Cutts: Linking 20 Domains Together Likely A “Cross Linking Scheme”

A common question I see from webmasters and SEOs is how many sites in my network can I link together without getting in trouble.

Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts answered a question on that topic in a recent video which asked “If I have 20 domains, should I link them all together?”

In short, Matt Cutts said that it is very unlikely that a webmaster would have 20 websites on a similar topic and for those sites not to be somewhat spammy. “First off, why do you have 20 domain names,” Matt joked. Matt added, “if it is all, you know, cheap-online-casinos or medical-malpractice-in-ohio or that sort of stuff… having 20 domains there can look pretty spammy.”

When would it not be spammy to do so? When you have 20 domain names but they are all localized versions of your site and you are linking to them, then that would be okay. But even in this case, Matt said you shouldn’t link to all these domain names in the footer — instead have flags or a drop down to access them.

Matt Cutts then talks about blog networks doing it, but advices against it.

At the very end of the video, Matt says it would be a “cross linking scheme” to link all of these sites together, unless there was a “very good reason” to do so.

Search Engine Land’s Guide To Google

By multiple measures, Google is the internet’s most popular search engine. But Google’s not only a web search engine. Images, videos, mobile content — even Google TV!

Major Google Services

Google releases a dizzying array of new products and product updates on a regular basis, and Search Engine Land keeps you up-to-date with all the news. Here are just a few of our popular Google categories, where you can read past coverage:

Google: Our “everything” category, this lists all stories we’ve written about Google, regardless of subtopic.

Google Web Search: Our stories about Google’s web search engine, including changes and new features. Also see: Google: OneBox, Plus Box & Direct Answers, Google: Universal Search and Google: User Interface.

Google SEO: Articles from us about getting listed for free via SEO in Google’s search engine. Also see the related category of Google Webmaster Central.

Google AdWords: Our coverage of Google’s paid search advertising program.

Google AdSense: Stories about Google’s ad program for publishers, which allows content owners to carry Google ads and earn money.

Google Maps & Local: Coverage of Google Maps, which allows you to locate places, businesses, get directions and much more. Also see Google Earth for coverage of Google’s mapping application.

Google Street View: Articles about Google’s popular yet controversial Street View system that uses cars to take photos of homes and business, which are then made available through Google Maps.

Google YouTube & Video: Articles about Google’s YouTube service, which allows anyone to upload video content. YouTube also has so much search traffic that it stands out as a major search engine of its own.

Google Logos: Google loves to have special logos for holidays and to commemorate special events. We track some of the special “Google Doodles,” as the company calls them. Also see our retrospective story, Those Special Google Logos, Sliced & Diced, Over The Years.

Also see our special guide for searchers, How To Use Google To Search.

Google Resources

Further below is a full list of additional Google topics that we track. But first, here are a few sites that track Google in-depth.

First up is Google’s own Official Google Blog. Google also has many other blogs for individual products, which are listed on the official blog. This feed keeps you up-to-date on any official blog post, from any of Google’s blogs. Google also had a traditional press release area.

Beyond official Googledom are a number of news sites that track Google particularly in-depth. These include: Dirson (in Spanish), eWeek’s Google Watch, Google Blogoscoped, Google Operating System, John Battelle, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable, WebProNews and ZDNet Googling Google.

The Full Google List

We said Google is more than just a web search engine, right? Below is the full list of various Google search and search-related products that we track. Click any link to see our stories in that particular area: